My name is

Ciprian Turcu

What this is

This is a personal Website. Showing everything from what I do, to things about me, ways to contact me and get in touch, get support or even just chat on social media.

Themeforest Author

I'm a 27 year old developer and designer from Romania.I am a Themeforest author, I build Designs, HTML products and WordPress products as my main occupation.


The purpose of this website is to easily get to know me better and even more easily get into contact with me if you absolutely have to tell me something. Check out the contact section for social media links or a direct contact form.



Here's what I do and I have to offer Author

I build products on PSD designs to HTML templates, to WordPress Themes. Trying to figure out what Graphical and UX designs , features would suit people better and trying to implement them in unique products.


I try to provide fast and quality support for all my purchased items. By email, comments or facebook/twitter social networks even, thinking of ways to better communicate to clients.

Quality Code

Everything that I build is always aiming for better and better. All the code is commented (php, js, css, less, html) and well documented. Aiming tp use always the highest (compatible) standards available in all that I do.


Here's a quick look of all of my products

The team

It's just me for now :)

Turcu Ciprian


Contact Me

Here are a few ways to contact me


If you want to find out more about me, send a letter,tweet,facebook message, here is how you can get to do that right away:

Septimius Severus Street nr.10
Bl. To02 Ap.16
Alba Iulia, Romania

Phone: +4(0757)-791-975

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Contact me using this contact form to let me know what you think about my products/services/support or even just to leave a message in yet another way (in case you're not into that social messaging thing, or just preffer a fast, easy way to contact me)

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